Chimney Sweeping

Modern Fireplaces Still Need Chimney Sweeping

Even though most people first see chimney sweeps in old movies, the fact is that this profession is still very much needed. That's because all real fireplaces have chimneys that eventually get coated with substances like soot, creosote, and ashes. Even gas fireplaces produce some residue, and a portion of that ends up in the chimney.

These substances – especially creosote – are flammable enough to start a house fire. A chimney fire is especially bad because it has constant airflow from the chimney itself. It is also hard to reach in a hurry, and this lets the fire get hot enough to spread to the rest of the house without serious interference.

Most people get chimney sweeping done to avoid this scenario. How often it needs to happen depends on how often the fireplace is used and what is burned, but eventually, all chimneys need to be cleaned out.

While safety is the most important reason for having chimney cleaning done, it isn't the only one. Cleaning is often needed before work is done on the chimney or its components. This makes all of the parts accessible and easier to see, and helps to ensure that new components will be well-seated.

Chimney cleaning may also be done because birds or other animals have made nests in the upper opening. Nests need to be removed because they not only clog the chimney, but can catch fire as well.

When this happens, it makes sense to go ahead and clean the entire chimney instead of just the part that has the nest. This is more efficient and less costly than having the cleaners make a second trip later. ACE Chimney Sweep Washington can also install an animal exclusion screen.