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Importance of maintiaining your air-ducts

While air-ducts are important for regulating the temprature in each one of our rooms they can also house bacterial growth, dead skin, dirt and debris from cleaning and other daily activities. letting this build up over a long period of time can begin to pose major health risks for anyone entering the home. 

Maybe you’ve noticed a decrease in air quality. Maybe you looked at your air ducts and saw more dirt than you realized you had. Air duct cleanings can greatly improve the air quality in your home, but it can be hard to identify when you need a cleaning and how bad the buildup in the ducts really is. Using the following facts and research, you can confidently hire a professional air duct cleaner with the assurance that your money will be well-spent and they will do the job correctly.

Why Do I Need to Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), if your air ducts look dirty to the naked eye, they probably are. Blowing debris through your home’s ventilation system, whether it’s pet hair, dust, dirt particles, or even mold, can result in poor air quality and even illness. Several factors can increase the potential that you might need this service done, the association explains, including:

  • Homeowners who have allergies, asthma, or other breathing conditions

  • Homeowners who smoke cigarettes or cigars in the home

  • Pets living in the home

  • Home renovation, remodeling, or construction projects going on in the home

  • Water contamination or issues with the HVAC system or in other locations in the home

Children and older adults are more easily affected by poor air quality, so it’s important to consider the needs of all family members as you evaluate the necessity and frequency of air duct cleaning.

How Can Air Duct Cleaning Impact Savings?

If your HVAC system is working too hard, it can be due to a build-up of particles in the ducts. NADCA says that homes waste 25 to 40% of energy in heating or cooling, and contaminants in the system are sometimes responsible. Particles can even pass through filters, which help to some extent but don’t completely prevent air duct debris. When your system has clean ducts and doesn’t have to over-exert itself to move air properly, it can cost you less money in the long run.

How Can I Tell If I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

While it can be somewhat helpful to peer into your ducts, you may not be able to get an accurate picture of mold, debris, and dirt that have built up in less visible places. For this reason, it can be tricky to know if you need an air duct cleaning. To capture the extent of the dirt, you need to have a professional take pictures of the interior of your ducts. Reaching your arm in as far as it’ll go still doesn’t show what can be beyond that point, which will just get blown back out even if you clean in and around the openings.

If you are questioning the quality of your air, have seen an excess build-up of dirt on your register or filter, or otherwise suspect your ducts are dirty, have a professional consultation

10 Tips, tricks, and hacks for keeping your vents, A/C, furnace, HVAC, and other air flow elements clean :

1. keeping up with your homes cleanliness can help reduce build up.

2. changing your Furnace / A/C filter out every month, three months, six months or yearly. (depending on filter size)
3. Get your vents professionally cleaned and inspected every 1-2 year(s) depending on your levels of foot trafic in home.
4. check the inside of your furnace, you can normally tell if it needs a cleaning depending on smell, debris buildup and any other factors indicating the area seems dirty then request a quote for a deep cleaning.
5. Blocking out the vents while sweeping/moping/or doing anytrhing that could kick dirt into the vents.
6. making sure the vents are sealed off while home renovation is being done. 
7.Getting a sanitizer solution every other cleaning can help with not just cleanliness but also quality of life.
8. getting small air duct fliters to go in each vent shaft can help keep debris out from in the vent but also give each room another layer of filtration.
9. replacing those filters monthly to quarterly will keep you on the best track to keeping your ducts in tip-top shape and breating the best air possible.
10. Installing a UV light in your furnace is the epitome of clean, safe, and modern technology. have a tech come to your home to tech you the benifits, give you a quote, and go other any other pressing questions you may have about UV light benifits and tech.


Call ACE today or request a quote online to have a certified air duct specilist in your home to take care of all your ducting needs.

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